Amy Kruse- Love from Alaska - The Alaska SeaLife Center's June Virtual Artist

Amy Kruse- Love from Alaska - The Alaska SeaLife Center's June Virtual Artist

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Last year sure was a doozy but in some ways, I feel like I was given a gift or more accurately multiple gifts.  

I had a summer of little obligation, where I reveled in carefree days with my 2 young children. Summers for me have been historically chaotic and while the whole world was reeling in chaos, my family built a microcosm of Alaskan summer fun. 

Another silver lining was my pivot from in person markets and festivals to largely online customers. I was able to have face masks featuring my artwork manufactured and literally reach people worldwide, people who would have never been exposed to my artwork otherwise. Not only did this keep my business afloat, I got many messages telling me how much the whimsical animals on the masks helped people continue to connect. Their smile was covered but the artwork was inviting enough to covey approachability and even initiate conversation. 

My biggest gift that came of 2020 was how many opportunities I had to help and give back. 

When the schools closed in the spring, my local school district continued to provide meals to their students who needed them. Masks were in short supply but I was able to donate enough to make sure all of the staff and volunteers in this program where able to have fun and comfortable PPE. 

Happily, I donated buttons and fun colorful headbands to my local hospital, to brighten their shifts and to keep their ears from getting irritated from the constant mask wearing. 

I donated my time and expertise to design and distribute masks for several Alaskan non-profits as well as fire departments.

The project dearest to my heart is my continued partnership with the Alaskan SeaLife Center. As you probably know, Covid hit tourism hard and there was a real threat of losing the center forever. Seeing Alaskans rise up to the challenge of raising funds for the SeaLife Center was incredible! All the small and huge business and individuals pitching in to carry them through their fiscal struggle really reinforced my love of Alaska and our spirit of community. 

I was so honored to be a part of the efforts.

Plus, I  just love seeing my masks alongside all the beautiful creatures that are my artistic inspirations!

 In the place of having an in person show at the SeaLife Center, I have created an online album featuring my available originals -------> View artwork here

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Thank you so much for the support and may your Summer 2021 be the best one ever!


Amy Kruse