In Stock Alaskan Made Products

Love from Alaska is expanding into a few different directions, one of them is Alaskan Made, Grown and/or Harvested Personal Care Products.

We have been working with Jenni from Sip and Soak for a couple years now and are smitten with her passion for botany, wild harvest and creating products for the people she loves.

Jenni is at home in the woods and the gleam that she gets in her eye when she finally locates a fungus that she has been on the look out for, is nothing short of magical. 

Curating and growing her own ingredients, is second nature to her. She stared creating rubs and salves for her family and then her friends. When the demand grew,  making and marketing to the public was just a natural next step.



There are many regulations limiting information and claims that can be made for privately made products. We encourage you to please google listed ingredients in our products.