I love taking boat trips with my dad and husband (even though I almost always get seasick!). Fishing is in my blood and me and my 6 other siblings have been fishing the inlets and rivers of the Kenai Peninsula since we transplanted from Northern Oregon.

Art is a continuous evolution; my art continues to adapt to my present situations. Although it is extremely difficult and expensive to practice multiple mediums, I have dabbled in clay (hand-built and wheel thrown), casting metal, woodworking, stained glass, paper mache, fabrication, cake and sugar art, photography and photo editing, paper cutting, origami, drawing, collage, sewing, watercolor and acrylic painting, fabric design and most recently moving to graphic design and digital painting. There was even a time when I found creative fulfillment in word processing while working in an office.

Juggling a growing business and being a full-time mom of two boys is extremely challenging but I love pursuing my true passions. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about the artist who made the creations on this site. I am so happy to share it with all of you.

Amy Kruse
Instagram @lovefromalaska and @amykruseartist