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About “The Alaskan Outsider” You Tube Channel

"From the very creation of The Alaskan Outsider’s channel back in 2016, I have been passionate about getting outdoors and showcasing the beauty that Alaska holds.

The channel grew to not only include beautiful footage of Alaska, but also to provide its viewers with helpful tips about the filmmaking gear and techniques used along the way.

I am passionate about constantly learning and improving my craft as a full time videographer, and I love providing an abundance of information and entertainment in my videos to inspire and help you learn on your own journey.

Because I want to provide videos with beautiful cinematography and helpful information, creating these videos takes a lot of time and energy. If you love my work and want to help support me and join this growing community of outdoor, adventure enthusiasts, buying a t-shirt is a great way to do that!

These are the most comfortable shirts I have personally worn and all of the shirts are manufactured in the USA with high-quality standards and fair labor practices. You’re paying a slightly higher price, for much higher quality t-shirt.

All of the shirts were designed by Amy Kruse, a local Alaskan Artist. I love partnering with her brand, Love From Alaska. As a fellow Alaskan, she gets it.

Her artistic work is inspired by getting outside in Alaska, just like mine. So what are you waiting for? Grab your t-shirt and be an Alaskan Outsider who is ready for the Adventure to begin!"


The Alaskan Outsider

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