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Alaskan SeaLife Center!

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The Alaska SeaLife Center has suffered a devastating blow due to the lack of tourism and cruise ships in 2020.
So many have come together to raise funds in the last few months to ensure that the center will not close in October.
This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING accomplishment but truth be told, the center's future is still uncertain !
Let's continue to support and raise funds for this amazing institution! To ensure it will be around for generations to come!

The Alaska SeaLife Center snd it's animal residents are incredibly close to my heart. Every year, we donate what we can for their Marine Gala and visit as much as possible. It has been a part of my life (and many others) for 20 YEARS. We are so very thankful for everyone who has worked so hard to kept it going and continue to do so!

💕 Thank You, Thank You 💕

Some Photos from My Family's most recent and past trips to the Center!