Mouth to Mouth 2021 Race Collection

This year the race swag for the first registered racers will be a Mouth to Mouth Race Boat bag that will be available for pickup at the Cook Inlet Keeper Community Action Studio in July. 

Feel free to purchase any addition swag that you would like to here!

******Please note: There will be no returns or exchanges for Race Gear. 


We're combining the best of both: in-person and month-long events! During the entire month of June, racers will be able to take to the beach for a 10 mile run/walk or fat-bike, or a 3 mile run/walk, post their times to our race director, and receive prizes! We're also hosting a casual in-person kickoff on Tuesday, June 1st at Cannery Rd Beach Access: Meet up at 5:30, run/walk/bike at 6pm. 

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